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Easy study and research for botanical students in Biratnagar.

Brt,Asar 29,Degree campus brt has started to grow more than 300 types of different scientific plants and flowers .This concept is started firstly, by Dr. Khagendra Acharya Din of Purwanchal University . The total area of botanical garden is protected and secured .
In this programme, many political leaders , district head officer (CDO), police and journalist were present there .  Kul Prasad Limbu had given the knowledge and information related botanical garden. The chairman of this programme was Dr. Manoj Kumar Raut . Therefore, due to this programme the students of degree campus Biratnagar got chance to study and research about different scientific plants and flowers.
In conclusion , we want to draw the attention of concerned government authority of Nepal to take productive steps in this sector.

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