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पुस्तक परिचय-प्रतिबिम्बमा बिराटनगरको काली मन्दिर

Biratnagar , Ratotara.com 
Book is published by Kali Mandir Organisation Family. The book is edited by Dr Minakshi Nepal (Chairman of Kali Mandir & Kali spiritual dwelling). The book is from page no 1-242 were all the historic and ancient learnings of Kali Mandir is mentioned in appreciably. She is the daughter of Mr. Narayan Prasad Koirala who was the true devotee & social worker who use to help the needy people in trouble.

Devoted people who helped to build,decorate or construct the temple in good way, there name are also brought up in the book. Kali Mandir is one of the famous temple located in Biratnagar.Temple is built in 1960 B.S were devotee started to worship Maa Durga & Maa Kali in pure way. 

Later temple was built in Pagoda Style in 2056 B.S. After 22 years, the temple is again renovated and decorated by golden colour in metal roof. The plot were temple is present is given by Mr. Hanuman Das Shrestha and Kali spiritual dwelling (Dharmashala) is built by Mr. Gopinath Upadhaya Khanal.

Mr. Narayan Prashad Koirala was the chairman of Kali Mandir who helped to built the Pagoda style temple by collecting funds from devotee & Mr. Markande Acharya was Vice Chairman of kali Mandir.

Mr. Sudarshan Bahadur Shrestha became Chairman of Kali Mandir in 2064-2068 B.S after that Dr Minakshi Nepal took place of Chaiman from 2068 to present.

Heartly thankful for the contribution done by Dr Minakshi Nepal.

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