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By Ayusha Bhandari,

Coronovirus is a infectious disease which is exactly related to a saying called "Everyone who is born must live the moment called death".Coronovirus is mostly known as COVID-19 but it is also known as "Severe pneumonia with novel pathogens".The virus is thought to be natural and has an animal origin through spillover infection.

In the past  many viruses took place such as Zika virus,Spanish virus,Ebola virus.This viruses has affected the life of the people too but COVID-19 pandemic disease has made the whole world suffer.COVID-19 made us feel like "The future doesnot exist today, this very moment, Live it, before there are no more moments are left!! The sand is run ning out of your palms".It's totally a new disease as well as very dangerous disease in the earth which is spreading day by day in the whole world.The virus  may occur in the breast milk,but whether it is transmittable to the baby is unknown.Coronovirus affect the upper respiratory tract sinuses,nose and throat and the lower respiratory tract windpipe and lungs.The virus also affects gastrointestinal organs and can cause acute myocardial injury and chronic damage to the cardiovascular system.

I would like to draw the attention of the government of each nation to provide cash services for those who are in need , to provide emergency health care , to establish support services for the hungry, homeless and the people who are suffering through unemployment due to COVID-19.

Coronovirus has affected mostly the economic sector of the world but economic sector can be developed again after the pandemic is gone but ,Can we bring the dead one's back again? The answer is obviously "NO".So,the focus should be on creating good medical services to the people.Finding the money or worrying for the economic and developmental sector is never the problem but more than that the life of each specific person  is more important and precious.That's why not only government we should too try our best till the COVID-19 i.e negative is cleansed.In my opinion COVID-19 is like a coin because it has made many family members close with eachother, those family who weren't able to spend there time with family due to busy schedule and in other hand COVID-19 has made many family members and the loved ones  far away from eachother and now they cannot  meet with eachother in this life.This pain can be felt by only those who lost there loved ones due to this so called disease. So, try to be away from this virus and the most importantly maintain social distancing and wash your hands for 20 seconds frequently.Stay safe everyone!

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