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When will prosperity flourish in Nepal ?

Article by Anuj Sapkota 
Administration Chief, Radio Makalu 102.1

United Democratic Madhesi Front has decided to intensify their agitation demanding their 12 point agreement to be fulfilled. In the course of 6 months of unsuccessful agitation, about 5 dozens have got martyrdom and many were injured. The country was on a hault due to agitation and filthy blockade by India that has allowed limited amount of fuel and other essential commodities to Nepal. The blockade made the lives of nepali people brutal and gruesome. Leaders of Madhesi Front wanted to set victory claiming to have made the blockade from their side rather that to blame India . According to the Government if to be believed than it had meet all the demands raised by MADHESI MORCHA addressing the citizenship issue, proportionate participation on each and every section of the State . Morcha has urged that the madhes agitation has not ended instead its form has been changed . Whatever the pm say, but everybody know that the country is on harsh. Black marketing, inflation, shortage of essential commodities are on high . No appropriate steps has been taken by the government to overcome the grim situation. Government has been arguing that there is no appropriate cause to again disturb the normal life of nepali people in the name of agitation. Almost all the demands have been met. But morcha leader Upendra Yadav has asked the government to divide the terai into 2 federal states and to rewrite the constitution . He also had tied the knot with the janjatis, adivasis (indigenous ) and the pahadi community to broaden the agitation and carry out it throughout the country and make the state compel to meet its demand . Even the foreign diplomat has urged the agitating parties to carry out peaceful agitation and take precaution in order to make the agitation violent free. What ever the party says or government take a step that not the concern,The concern should be in resolving the matter in peacefully . The associated parties to Federal Alliance are now exercising to make their capital centric protest a bit reliable one with more aggression in order to fulfil the demands. On this course , a practice of submitting the 26 points memorandum to prime minister was carried out throughout the districts of Nepal through Chief District Officer . What ever the prospectus of the carried agitation may be but there should be a fruitful and effort of attempt to seek a solution to the Madhes problems through talks and discussions. The alliance is agitating hard for identity-based federalism in the country . The alliance has denied the promulgated constitution which according to them that was on the basis of hidden strength and the use of coercive power of whip by the political parties violated the mandate of the past movements of indigenous nationalities, Madhesis, Khas, Dalits, Muslims, OBCs and minority communities. Federal Alliances have demanded institutionalizing federalism, autonomy, proportional inclusion and secularism . The alliance has demanded to use multi language in the government bodies. The major political parties has shown concern as why the madhes centric parties has asked for two provinces in Tarai. The alliance has demanded to use multi language in the government bodies . According to some experts, Indian authorities are just using some leaders of madhes centric parties to fulfill their keen interest in water and to use the terai belt as a part of their colonial benefits. But high level Indian Authorities has dismissed such allegations, by quoting it just as a political publicity . Indian side made it clear that they donot have to do with the internal matter of Nepal but it should be make sure that the rights of people living in Terai should be assured . Suddenly a voice relating a question of the hardcore nationalism evoked . Each and every political figure has started ramp walk in order to prove them as a tough nationalist. It was a bit competition to succeed one another as who is the uno nationalist in this country . Madhes based parties claimed that they have been settled in boarder since long years as patrolling the boarder and safeguarding the boarder from their side. It’s a dirty game to manhandle the poor Nepali citizen in the name of nationalism that may sure mount confusion in regard to the relation with India . The condition of Nepal is being worse due to the unnatural games played inside the country for the sake of their own hidden interest of political parties under the influences of their foreigner associates. Outsiders are never going to build our country in our interest .It is the sole duty of we Nepali people to build and lead our country so every citizen may lead their life happily with gaiety. It is a time , not to quarrel but to be a part in reconstruction of shelters to those who have been abandoned and were compelled to live under the open sky . It is the duty of course of the State to call upon the unsatisfied groups for dialogue and for happy settlement of the issues in a win win situation . Even the agitating sides should take a foot one step back and have a discussion in a cordial manner to secure the rights of the madhesi people, janjaatis, adivashi etc . Lets we all unite and lead this country to a new era where only charm and prosperity may flourish. Keep smiling .

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